Corporate and Investor Services

We support our business and investor clients in maximizing the value and protection of their business assets in the United States and offshore. We stand at our clients’ side in their dealings with government and regulatory authorities and support them in navigating the regulatory framework for their business and investments in the United States.

In cooperation with our clients’ tax and legal advisors, we assist our clients in complying with their tax and legal compliance obligations related to their investments in the United States and abroad.

Our services include:

    Execution and monitoring of U.S. investments:

  • Real Estate;
  • Board and officer positions;
  • Private fund investments;
  • Direct investments in U.S. companies;
  • Coordination with banks and insurance companies.

Management and administration of U.S companies and investment structures:

  • Corporate address;
  • Virtual office service;
  • Coordination with U.S. tax and legal advisors;
  • Federal and state representations;
  • Annual tax status certification for banks;
  • Annual franchise tax and notice filings.

Support of foreign companies in starting and restructuring U.S. operations:

  • Transition management;
  • Bank account administration;
  • Coordination with accountants and other service providers.